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Do you feel bad your dog sits at home all day? Want to give them the gift of a daily adventure? Dog Camp may be the perfect fit! 


The health and safety of your dog, and the rest of the dogs in the pack, is my first priority. To ensure that, it is important we make sure your dog will be successful at Camp before officially enrolling them.   

If Camp seems like a good fit for your dog after an initial in-person evaluation, I will take them on three trial Camp days. During these trial Camp days, your dog will get to know my pack and me, and I can see how your dog responds to off-leash recall and Camp rules. 


Once we have established that your dog is responsive off-leash, and will thrive at Camp, they will be grouped into an appropriate dog pack that will enhance their experience while at Camp.

In order for your dog to benefit from the training provided at Camp, as well as learn Camp rules, they should attend at least one day per week.

If Camp is not the right fit for you dog at this time, I would be happy to help you explore other options for engagement.

What does my dog need for Camp?

To ensure the safety of every dog at Camp, each dog must have the following:


  1. A collar

  2. A name tag with owner’s name and number

  3. An orange safety vest during hunting season

  4. Appropriate winter gear (please feel free to ask for recommendations)


**All dogs must also be up-to-date on their shots, including rabies**



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