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The mission of Chance’s Canine Club, LLC is to provide safe and structured outdoor adventures for your canine companion. I strive to improve the quality of life for every dog, while giving their parents peace of mind that their pups are happy, healthy, and loved while in my care. 


Chance’s Canine Club, LLC will provide your dog with the physical exercise, mental stimulation, canine companionship, pack leadership, socialization, structure, and guidance they crave—allowing you to spend more time enjoying your dog and less time feeling guilty about not being able to provide enough adventure and exercise for your four-legged best friend. 

Meet Alexx


I founded Chance’s Canine Club, LLC because I know that for many of us, our dogs are not simply dogs—they are family. And as family, we want to provide them with all of the love, guidance, exercise, and adventure that we can to ensure they live a long, healthy, and happy life. I also know that for many of us, careers, commitments, and families can make it hard to give our pups what they need on a daily basis. My mission in founding Chance’s Canine Club, LLC is to help dogs live their best life—while relieving the guilt and stress of busy dog owners.


This is not simply a business, this is a lifestyle—and dogs are the best part of life.

Living the best life

"Skyla loves to go to camp, waits by the door for Alexx to get her, and [camp] has “saved my relationship” with my dog as my vet puts it!  The freedom of being out and about all morning and the structure Alexx sets with the dogs goes above and beyond what any other facilities could provide. Her passion shines through to the dogs!"

-Chantal, Dog Camp Client

"Edna comes home from camp happy, tired and with better manners. It is such a relief to me when Edna is at dog camp because I know that she is getting love, adventure and the opportunity to live her best life. I am so grateful to Alexx and Chance’s Canine Club for loving Edna like she is their own."

-Theresa, Dog Camp Client

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